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My first experience with search engine optimization began six years ago, which is  a long time in internet time,  with my first SBI site, Frazzled Family Finding Change, Growth, and Wellness.  I poured a lot of energy into creating that site,  had about 80 pages up and 10 months invested in it, when I realized I had screwed it up.  It was not so much the search engine optimization that was the problem, but the domain name, because there are way too many very general words in it.  While ‘change’ is what happens all the time,  few folks just go to their computer and type in a search term of ‘change’, so I learned about domain names and the importance of precision in choosing a domain name.

While I was creating pages for my first website, I got my first taste of discovering keywords, and evaluating the supply and demand for them.  The Sitesell platform includes a very powerful key word tool,  which supplies a huge amount of supply and demand information for each of the keywords I can tease out, and the block builder guide gave me a great experience in creating pages with the keyword spread around it appropriately.  The goal for search engine optimization is for the pages that I create to rank highly in Google or the other search engines when someone types in the search phrase I have created content for.

That has proven to be invaluable as I move well into my third year with my current SBI site, AskMiketheCounselor2, which has an Alexa rank putting it in the top 1% of all websites, and that traffic is based on organic search engine traffic.  I do have a confession to make, I registered the domain without doing the most effective keyword research prior, so do not do that.  However, it is working out for me, because I happened to come across 1000 possible keywords when I switched my keyword research from ‘counselor’ to ‘counseling’.

All that began for me when Google was about 7 years old, Facebook was 2, and Twitter had not been born yet.  There was also no such thing as local search, or Google Places, or Google Maps.  I had not ever heard or Word Press then, and I did not know what a plug in was.

So while lots has changed in the internet world in the last six years or so, like Bing buying Skype, and what seems like daily changes at Facebook, which has now overtaken Google for page views per day, lots still remains the same.

Search engine optimization is still a very important part of your online marketing, whether you are building a more traditional authority website,  a blog, or a blog for your local business, your Google places page, or any other web presence, such as a Squidoo lens, a Hub Page, a Google Knol, or you are building a description for your Youtube video, or your Facebook page.

If you do not have access to SBI and their tremendous keyword research tool, called Brainstormit, then by all means go to the Google Keywords tool, and start exploring.  Look for phrases that fit your business or your site concept or both preferably, and evaluate the supply and demand data.

If you are using the SBI block builder tool, then the Analyze It tool will tell you how you are doing in terms of weaving your keyword through your content.  If you are using Word Press, there are very helpful plug ins for search engine optimization, but ultimately, how well your content does in the search engine results pages will be the result of your keyword research and the value of the content you write.

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