Rockford Social Media Presentation

Rockford social media events and news.

Today will be a day of review for a presentation I am doing tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.  I am going to advocate to my peers that we develop a community approach to social media.  I think that we can support each other with twitter and Facebook,  and we can make the village hum with electronic communication about all the good things that are happening.  Their are athletic teams and churches and volunteers and charities that folks could support electronically,  which increases the visibility of all  of us,  and makes the village a beehive of electronic connection.  We can increase visibility and support for each other a tremendous amount every day, which will bring us electronic attention.  Can you imagine what a tool like that could do for the local Chamber of Commerce membership drive?  There is going to be a festival early in October for the kids, a pumpkin carving and scarecrow kind of day.  Can you imagine how that lends itself to electronic connection?  Each person who has a booth could take pictures/videos and load them up to your computer and then post them to Facebook and Twitter, or Youtube,  Facebook,  and Twitter.  Halloween and trick or treating and Thanksgiving and New Years and Valentines Day and Memorial Day and  Easter and July 4rth and Labor Day,  State Tournament, homecoming,  Prom, Santa, Christmas parade,  all lend themselves to pictures and tweets for the Chamber and the Village.  You get to catch your neighbor’s kids being cute,  and post it up to your Facebook page,  which is linked to your Twitter account,  and so,  and mom and dad who don’t have this video send it to the grandparents facebook page,  and the demographic growing the fastest on Facebook is women 35-55,  I believe, you will share this video with their friends, ect.  Do you see how the word gets spread about our community and our businesses?   This is a part of what we can do in our marketing and it is all free, it is electronic word of mouth.  Lets go for it, I say.

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