Rockford Social Media-Pinterest-Make Time for This One Unless You are A.D.D.

Rockford Social Media-Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest yet?  If not, join.  It is tremendous fun, if nothing else, and it appears that there are going to be some real marketing ramifications for those of us who are looking to bring traffic to a website or a blog.  Of course, I am seeing a number of e-books and workshops reporting some astronomical results for the sellers of the courses and e-books.  If half what they say is true, then I want to get in on it.  I am still working to recover from last October’s Panda update, for    That update really hurt, and if Pinterest can help me recoup that traffic, then let us get started.

I had seen some mention of Pinterest on Facebook, but mostly sighed, wondering how I would ever find time to do justice to yet another social media resource, and then my wife’s niece began to post pins on Facebook, and I asked her for an invitation, which we both forgot for awhile, and then she sent one over, and I build an account, and started fooling around with it, and started getting repins…which really piqued my curiosity, because I had not expected that.

So I started hanging out on Pinterest and checking out other boards and I was amazed at how many beautiful images are up on those boards, plus I found a couple of Daddy friendly recipes that helped my kids eat their dinner, at least a little more.

I understand how you could get addicted to Pinterest, because when I see a particularly attractive image which has been repinned from one board to another, I often follow back to the original board, and then see another repin, and so on.

As I built my boards, others signed up to follow, which really surprised me, and made me want to get better with posting photos.  Many are professionally done, obviously, but I think there is plenty of room for spur of the moment kid and pet photos, and I am finding tools that allow me to put url’s on them, or maybe captions highlighting my silliness.

At any rate, there is a link in the side bar, where you can come and visit me on Pinterest.   Please do.

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