Rockford Social Media News

Rockford Social Media News

Looking forward to the 3 H Women’s Expo this Sunday November

7th, 2010.  My lovely wife Julie will be there

representing her business,  Logan Counseling,  and I

will be there representing my new business, Start Up

Social Media.   Stacy Snow has done a great job

marketing this, I think, and in looking at the list of attendees

I see that there are lots of women entrepreneurs, perhaps just starting their businesses,  perhaps not.

While I have not been through the entire list, not many of them have Facebook or Twitter or Youtube pages up yet, which surprises me.

So I thought I would take a look at the WAHM blogs and posts

about Social Media and I came up with some that I thought

were really great, one about the four Social Media sites you cannot do without, and the first one really surprised me, Yelp,

And I learned something from that post, that Yelp had a business site.

Getting on that right now, but if you were going

to be at a expo where few participants were taking advantage of Social Media, how would you prepare to great them?  And the folks coming to the Expo?

I think Youtube videos are in order.   Can I get 65 videos of 65 vendors?

Check Sunday and Monday.

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