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Classified Ad for Jim Frazier, M.A.

Rockford Social Media News-Gussy up your Classified Ads for the New Year.

I had never paid a great deal of attention to Classified ad sites, even to shop until just one week ago, when I was introduced some concepts from Jack Mize, Jason Fladlien, and Wilson Mattos.  Sort of reminds me of a gift my father gave me early in my undergraduate days at Illinois State University, which was a small statue of a boy reporting that “One week ago, I did not even know what a ‘college studint” was, now I are one”.  One week ago, I had no idea that Craigs List ads or classified ad sites could have ads much better than the usual ad one sees on a classified ad site, and now I am creating them…. I had never thought about the fact that folks who come to a classified ad site are looking to buy, just as I once did when I searched the newspaper classified ads back in the day.  They are not bored or surfing, they are usually seeking a solution to a problem and have cash in hand.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.  Here is a draft version of a quick banner ad for Jim Frazier, another Rockford counselor.  I will continue to post them as I create them.  If you have a service business whose service cannot be fulfilled online, then of course you are interested in more customers coming to your door , and Classified ad sites can be an excellent source of purchase driven customers.

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