Rockford Social Media News-You Missed It, But The Videos Will Be Up Soon…!

Rockford Social Media News-

The July meeting of the Ladies In Professional Power (LIPP) was yesterday, and the theme was dressing for success, even if your resources for dressing for success are limited.  I have never been to a fashion show, being an off the rack and Farm and Fleet kind of guy, so I was amazed at the coordination of the models and presenter, and how the attendees, almost all women, were paying attention.  There were door prizes,  and two vendors who were offering accessories, good food, and interesting companionship.  And Virginia Alden had the best accessory, a little doggie.  The outfits were also for sale, and were donated by really neat local firms.  If you want their names, though, you will have to go to the 2011LIPP Youtube channel to see videos of the models and the outfits.

And I really want to acknowledge the social media efforts of the Ladies In Professional Power.  You can find them on Youtube, at the link above, and Blog Talk Radio, and Facebook.  Their membership is increasing and a number of the businesses who you can find there are growing very nicely, with only social media marketing.  Very exciting.

Now stay tuned for information on using Facebook applications, which is my next adventure.

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