Rockford Social Media News-Why Use WordPress as Your Social Media Hub?

Rockford Social Media News-

Can you sell a blog? Yes.   Is a website a business asset?  Yes.  Are Twitter accounts assets on your balance sheet? Yes.   Can you will a website and its income to family? Yes.

OK, you are a small business or small town business owner,  and you perhaps have a Facebook page, and you  do the occasional search on Google for information on marketing, because you know you should be doing it, but you got into business to do what you do well, whether it be accounting or plumbing, and marketing is something you are uneasy with at best, but you have been doing some thinking about social media, and reading up and the conventional wisdom says you should have a website or blog as the hub of your social media efforts,  and you do not want to pay a website developer a huge fee, so you are looking for low cost alternative,  maybe something you can DIY, and you have discovered any number of free or very cheap places where you can build a free website as the hub of your online marketing program.

Choose the WordPress option please.  Yes, it means you need to register a domain and pay for hosting, and if you have no experience with the WordPress set-up, that can be rather intimidating., at first.  And keyword research?  What are keywords?

They are online treasure, and you will learn about them just as you learned about running your business.  No need to be perfect, because we are after  progress rather than perfection.

But WordPress is so worth it,  and there are many free tutorials around and the impact on your market for”know, like, and trust”  is so profound, you have to go with WordPress.  Plus you own your domain.  If you put up a Blogger blog,  Google owns that page, and they can turn the power off anytime they want, and all your hard work is gone, immediately.  (Think that can’t happen to Google?  I am sure the Yahoo folks scoffed at Google once too, and now Yahoo is divesting itself of Delicious and Net Worked Blogs? Who worries Google? Facebook.)

The point is that with a registered domain and your own online property, you can develop your own voice and increase the visibility of your business and products and your blog is open 24/7, and it is connected to each of your social media properties, so if someone sees a Tweet that is intriguing they can come visit your blog and perhaps purchase an item or sign up for your newsletter 24/7.  Your online presence works for you whether you are asleep or at a parent teacher conference.

Those are some of the reasons, not all of the reasons, but some of the reasons why you should have a blog as the hub of your social media efforts.

You can also change the look and feel of your blog, you can edit it to your hearts content, you can change anything except the domain name, whenever you want.

And you can monetize your blog, with complementary offers, and adsense.  Or not, if website monetization does not fit your social media strategy, you are not required to do it.

Your website, your strategies.

More to come tomorrow.  Mike






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