Rockford Social Media News-Why Use Social Media

Rockford Social Media News-The world is changing fast isn’t it?

The following bullets are random bits of information from If you want PR information, Sarah is somebody to pay close attention to.  I remember back a long time in internet time, perhaps 3 years ago, when I talked on Twitter a  few times with Ms. Evans, and now she has her  own very successful advertising firm.  I was very impressed with how cordial and friendly she was with some newbie from Rockford.  I was building my counselor website then, and still spend time on it everyday, in part because the owner of the website platform, Sitesell, put it together because he wanted mom and pops in their living room to have the tools to compete in the global marketplace, and I think Sarah Evans is the same kind of person, one who shares her experience and knowledge freely.  I am sure that her business is profitable because of her commitment to return on engagement rather than return on investment.  I believe the Sitesell philosophy can apply to social media too.  Regular effort results in sales.  But think about thses statistics when you are making marketing decisions.

  • Almost 20% of visits to company sites are prompted by social media, whereas less than 1% come via direct links, according to a ForeSee study. (InformationWeek),
  • Eighty percent of U.S. businesses with 100 or more employees will use social media marketing this year. (iMediaConnection via eMarketer).
  • Only one in five small businesses uses social media. But of those that do, their use of blogs ranks above Twitter. (73% Facebook or other networking site, 28% blog, 23% Twitter. WSJ

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