Rockford Social Media News-Why a Mobile Website for Your Business is a Must Do!

Rockford Social Media News

In the last month, I have added another service to my Social Media portfolio, the creation of mobile websites designed to work on mobile devices rather than your PC.  I have actually built a couple,  for Logan Counseling and Start Up Social Media.

If you click on the links above  on your PC, the mobile website will look funny, as it will be spread all the way across your screen, but if you look at them on your cell phone, you will see a mobile website designed to take advantage of what mobile users want from a mobile search.  If I were a retail outlet, I might include a coupon page, and if I were a restaurant, I might have my menu, and specials listed, or nutritional information.

Mobile users typically do not want to see the home page or our websites.  The information on the home page is not what they want, and mobile users will not hang around on your website long.   They are off to a mobile site that provides what they need when searching from a mobile  device.

Just imagine that your car breaks down.  You are going to get on your mobile and look for a towing service, and the first website that works on your mobile site will probably be the winner for you.  Those excellent towing services  that do not have a mobile site will be invisible to you, unless you have your laptop in the car, and plug it into the battery and search using it.  More likely that you will use your phone.

Today while I was preparing a letter to a local restaurant, which does not appear to have any online presence, I came across the following information;

“This By The Way Eatery page was visited 55.5 times in the last thirty days, what is equivalent to one point eight five customers per day. An astonishing high rate of 5% smartphone visitors browsing By the Way Eatery from the area around Rockford was measured.

Already the analytical folks are tracking the impact of mobile search….

This particular restaurant is leaving a lot of money on the table by not having any online or mobile presence at all.

In fact,  I am going to have to call to see if there is such a restaurant.  I just do not believe that a business so dependent on foot traffic wouldn’t use the internet.

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