Rockford Social Media News-What Do You Think About Google Hangouts On Air?

Rockford Social Media News

I just completed my first Google Hangout on Air, and now I have this neat new and unedited video up on my Youtube channel and posted to my website page build around the same keyword.  My motives are really selfish here, I am hoping that the combination of my Google profile, my Google+ page, and my Youtube channel will bring increased traffic and page rank to that page.

I am also exploring the option of interviews on Google Hangouts on Air for newly minted counselors I find on linkedin, who do not have much of a sense of how to market, or use social media for marketing, and I actually have some other very interesting ideas for the tool as well.

As usual though, many folks who are very adept at Facebook for example, have no idea what Google+ is about or how to use it, so there is an educational process involved, much like the one I am involved in as I research best practices.

How about Google Communities?  I have started one called  When It Comes to Brains, Size Matters which is gathering a following, much to my surprise…and maybe this community thing could have some commercial value down the road.

So get yourself a gmail account if you do not have one,  and come join in a Hangout with me, we will tell tall tales, and swap social media experiences.

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