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Rockford Social Media News

Are you ready?  Two of the brightest stars in the Social Media Marketers Pantheon of Hero’s are at it again!  Get ready for the Ultimate Social Challenge with Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis, which starts in just one week. For a grand total of $7.00 you can get in the front door with two great marketers.  Just studying their tactics is worth one hundred times more than the $7.00 entry fee, which gets you into a series of workshops designed to maximize your social media bang.  As you know, Facebook has just implemented Timelines and killed a lot of the old FBML like and welcome pages…but Facebook is reporting 46% greater engagement on the new Timeling pages…(how is Facebook doing that)…Pinterest is a really hot topic right now, and Google is working to own search engine optimization with Search Plus Your World, and Facebook bought Instagram, and I hear that Google may buy Pinterest…where will it all end?   And mobile?  How will your small business utilize mobile search?  I am reading that buy next year, 50% of all searches will be from mobile, and if your website is not mobile optimized, then it will be invisible to mobile searches.

One thing for sure, recent changes can really put a damper on your Social Media Strategy, and Tina and Maria are two of the best at keeping us up to date, and providing very good stategy to their customers.  Of course, they are not the only providers of great and informative Social Media Stategy, so why not go with another provider?

The answer for me revolves around how they helped me personally resolve a problem I created for myself when I made a major mistake creating a Facebook page for a client.  Tina walked me through the fix for free on her own time.  That kind of  customer service, for free, when I had clear instructions about what to do, and screwed them up anyway, is why  I always market the programs they create.  I know that they back them up, not just through tech support, but personally.

So I am passing along the link to the Ultimate Social Challenge for you.  I want to urge you to go check it out, and if you are an affiliate marketer, they will welcome you as an affilite.  I think they had over 900 sales in the first hour the Challenge was open.

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