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Rockford Social Media News

Those of you who follow this blog perhaps remember that my last post was about selection as the Sitesell Featured Fan.  I like the SBI/Sitesell tool, and wanted to help out with some participation,  but never dreamed that  my participation on the Sitesell Facebook page would merit that choice.


Also, while I have been a Sitesell subscriber since 2005, my current site does not follow the SBI action guide as well as it might.  For example, I have way too many pages, about 600 compared to the AG recommended 200-300, and some of them are longer than the recommended length.  But it is my business, isn’t it, perhaps the SBI team took that into consideration.

However, there was an impact on my traffic and Facebook  ‘likes’  at my homepage, and most importantly, the exposure to 25,000 Sitesell followers did wonders for orders last week.  In fact, the Sitesell site went over 25,000 followers during my two week tenure and Sitesell took advantage of that by offering a 2 for 1 special.   I hope lots of people took advantage of that special.

Being a part of that celebration though gave me a sense of how the Sitesell team started with a new Facebook page, and went to 25,000 fans in a very short period of time, and since last Saturday, I believe, they are at 27,000 fans.  Cannot stop the momentum, can they?  Well, if Sitesell can do it, why can’t you and I?  We may not have as many subscribers to call on initially, but we sure can gather subscribers, who will be familiar with us when we make an online offer.  So stay tuned, I am doing a campaign right now for a Facebook page, and working on it some every day…I will keep you updated with my progress.

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