Rockford Social Media News-Some Thoughts on Social Media and MLM

Rockford Social Media News-Some Thoughts on Social Media and MLM

As those of you who may see me on Facebook know, I have several Facebook business pages, which I use to promote different concepts and products that have worked for me and which generate income.  One of those products is Sisel Meal Replacement Shakes from Sisel International.  I began using Sisel in April of 2012, and I have lost 45 pounds using Sisel, and doing regular exercise, and logging my calories and steps on a website.

I cannot believe that after carrying all that extra weight for some 20 or so years, that I am shedding it.  Actually, I would like to lose another 15 pounds, which would get me back to college football playing weight, and another thing that amazes me is that under all that extra weight there is still some musculature left.  Not hard body anymore, but there is definition.  I was turned on to Sisel by my good friend Jeff Fluck, from Beloit, Il. who has lost a whopping 125 pounds using Sisel, and has 25 years of success in the Multi Level Marketing industry, so I joined Jeff’s Sisel company, and I am developing a Social Media Strategy for our business which includes Twitter, Facebook, his blog, which is not yet up yet, two of my blogs, Youtube, Google+,  Hootsuite, and at least two classified ad sites, Craigs List and Backpages.   We will actually post to many other classified ad sites, but those  are the classified sites we are using as of today.

Jeff is one of those folks who can strike up a conversation with anyone any where and soon lead it to his business.  I am not one who does that easily.  My previous business as a counselor involved listening, listening, and listening, and not a lot of directing, like a salesman might do, but I love building social media, so we might have a very effective affiliation.

Jeff, surprisingly enough, has not used social media, and his strategy thus far has been to build a Facebook page and “like” lots of comments, and occasionally comment about his weight loss, but not the company or product.

I am helping him expand his reach with the creation of a blog,, a Facebook business page, soon a Google+ page for himself and his business, and I will use my Twitter and Hootsuite accounts to send out the good word about his and my experience with this product.  We have already done a quick Youtube video where Jeff talks about his weight loss, and what I just did was Google+ that, tweet it, and send it to Facebook…the last time we did that, the result was a customer making a $1000.00 purchase.

So what are you doing for your small local business or your mlm business with social media  that might bring purchase driven customers to your door?  If I can be of help, please do not hesitate to contact me through my Facebook page, for example, or the comment section of this blog.  And check back, I will be talking more about our strategy as it evolves.

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