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The quote you see just below this post really caught my eye.   It was taken from a blog article written by Steffan Meeuws, who wrote the article titled Social Media Tips for Small Town Bloggers.  I can so identify.  I began building an online business six years ago with a  Site Build It site,  and still update my most recent SBI site daily.  So many of the things that the SBI folks said to do seemed like busy work to me, because it did not convert immediately into income.   I did not understand the dance that we web site builders and bloggers have to do with Google before we earn income,   and I have recently worked with some merchants locally who just do not get the importance of a coordinated online marketing.   The local chamber of commerce is still promoting events through the local weekly paper, so I can identify with the small town blogger who says why should I worry about Twitter and Facebook when my blog is doing ok?

Long story short, social media will make that blog do much better.  That is the best answer I can come up with.  I can slice and dice my use of social media and attract the two hundred or three hundred local social media users to my online or my offline business who are within five miles of my business.  And the use of  tools like Twitter, Facebook, and youtube is free.  But do not forget to value the time you put into social media.   Budgeting your time is a very important aspect of making social media work for your blog and your offline business.   At this point though, those tools are free.  Get on them for the sake of your small town blog.

“Do you think your blog is not important enough to promote it via social media? Do you think writing posts for your dedicated audience is enough for you? If you think your blog will not benefit from social media, you’re wrong.”

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