Rockford Social Media News-So You Do Not Think Mobile Search is Important?

Rockford Social Media News-

For the youngsters out there, this may be old hat, but I am still the old guy doing most of his searching at the PC.

Yesterday one of my clients attending my Anger Management workshop, which I do monthly for court ordered clients, went online using his smart phone to double check a concept that I was teaching about, called neurogenesis.

So he came back after the morning break to confirm that what I was teaching was actually valid.

By the way, neurogenesis is the word we use to describe the growth of new neurons every day.   No one knew the human brain had this capacity until about 10-15 years ago,  and I  like to use the idea of living a lifestyle conducive to neurogenesis as part of my anger management protocol.

I think it is a useful way to teach the importance of stress management,  because stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are not a good environment for newly minted neuronal replacement parts.

I have never had a client in my Anger Management program even research one of the concepts I have taught, about, at least to my knowledge, and I have never had one use a phone to check it while on their morning break, when most folks are filling themselves with pop and cigarettes, and then report back to the group that he had found an article supporting what I was talking about.

He was one of those folks who had read about or studied the old neuroscience dogma that we grow almost all of our neurons when we are little and then slowly lose them to age, until we are demented.  He was not ready to give up that old paradigm, but his quick research indicated enought that he changed his mind.

So for those of you leading workshops, be prepared.

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