Rockford Social Media News-So You Are a Counselor and You Are Wondering How the ACA Will Effect Your Practice?

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OK, so you are a therapist, and you are wondering what the Affordable Care Act will mean for your insurance reimbursement.  It does not look good, although the final rules are not set, but this is why I say that.  The quote below is from the NYS Psychological Health Care Reform Task Force.

” New pressures, including new models of payment, EHR’s, and use of metrics to track how well patients respond to treatment, might make it cumbersome to maintain small group or independent private practices.”

If you are a therapist who has paid no attention to the ACA, because you do not accept Medicaid or Medicare, and do not think that the ACA will impact your practice, please think again, because the private insurance companies set their rates on what Medicare and/or Medicaid pay, and the latter payors are going to a much different payment plan, one based on a wellness model and wellness efficiency, rather than the old fee for services.

I am very concerned for some of my friends in the therapy business who do not apparently believe this will impact them.

I would suggest that you solo practitoners move to a cash model and a niche specialty.  I would maybe even look at network marketing or a health product to sell as well, and marketing, marketing, marketing will be the name of the day.  Getting your speaking engagements and social media ramped up now, because enrollments for the ACA start Oct. 1, 2013, and many of its provisions not already online will roll out Jan. 1, 2014.

Get your marketing engines started right now.

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