Rockford Social Media News-Ready for Google City Pages?

Rockford Social Media News

Have you gotten your Google Places Page up yet?  If you haven’t gotten it up, better hurry, because Google is rolling out Google City pages,   and one of the cities chosen is Madison, Wi. so you can go search your browser to see what the city pages look like.  You can get yourself front and center there with your Places/Maps page.

So perhaps all this social media and places pages stuff mystifies you.  Why should you pay attention?  Because you can put your message in front of many targeted consumers every day for very little money.  Try to do find a free broadcast campaign, on TV or Radio.  I am a one person operation, and a traditional broadcast campaign is beyond my means, so I am going to reach my customers by social media.

What does the use of social media channels cost me?  My time,  which is a valuable asset, and must be included in this equation.  But setting up a Youtube channel is free.  A Google, Yahoo, and Bing local page is free.  Twitter is free.  Facebook is free.  Tumblr is free.   Plaxo is free.  Vimeo is free.   Ect.

And if you are ready to begin, and want to leap in my experience in your corner, give me a call.  815-484-0946.  The message will say Logan Counseling, and you can safely leave a Start Up Social Media message on that machine.  Mike

So you get the picture.  A wide ranging social media campaign which puts my message in front of my customers every day can cost very few $$$.  This blog can be put up and sustained for $120.oo per year approximately, and I can cancel that anytime I want.

But I don’t want.  This blog is at the core of what I do with my online business, and it is the most expensive component, at perhaps $10.00 per month.

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