Rockford Social Media News-Online Connections Leads to Offline Meeting

Read all about it! Rockford Social Media News Update!  I got a chance after several missed chances to meet with Mary Kay Morrison today, who is the keeper of a wonderful sense of humor and the possessor of a powerful passion for humor in the world.  We passed an hour together, sharing similarities in philosophy and experience, and I was amazed at where Mary Kay’s new career has taken her.

She is officially retired, but lives on a six acre spread, gardens which she mows,  grandmothers, consults, leads workshops,  some of them in Turkey, and is deeply involved in the humor academy, the AATH, or  Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor,  has authored a book, Using Humor to Maximize Learning.

Did I mention her blog, Humor Quest?  Some retirement.  And her first Youtube video is up today, and it is very skillfully done.  Oh, she gave me an autographed copy of her book, and toys for my kids.  Talk about offline marketing.

And Mary Kay is right here in Rockford, Illinois,  a resource for us and the entire world.

We did talk a bit about tools she can use to increase her visibility for the AATH folks, many of whom are bloggers of passion, but who do not have an intergrated or planned online scheme, and are losing sales, memberships, workshop attendance, and converts to an  important cause because they are not planning.

And Mary Kay invited me to put together a proposal for  the 2011 AATH  conference.  I would love to do that.  So perhaps you get the sense that we talked a lot about of different things and probably could have kept right on going but I had to get home and get my daycare person released from captivity.

So how will Mary Kay and I continue to collaborate?  Not sure yet, but I know I believe in her message and in her passion.  She had no qualms telling me that I needed to get involved in the AATH organization, and it did not feel like a sales pitch or condescending.  Just a message of value.  So perhaps you are curious about Mary Kay Morrison?  Humor Quest 2 is her just done Youtube video, and here is a link to her blog,  Quest for Humor.

What is really cool about Mary Kay’s work is her reference to how the brain is impacted by humor and how engagement in the learning process is enhanced by that engagement.

How did I even know that Mary Kay was in Rockford?   A social media network of course, called Rockford Woman.  The fact that there have been, to my knowledge, two males contributing to Rockford
Women does not deter me in the least.   Mary Kay is good for you, and I am glad to have met her.  More later guys.  Mike Logan

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  1. Thanks Mike! I too enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your insights into social networking. Looking forward to continued dialogue.

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