Rockford Social Media News-My First Kindle Book Published.

Rockford Social Media News

Could you imagine yourself putting an e-book together and putting it up for sale on Amazon? If you are a small business person or a small town business person, you might be the go to person in your community for a particular service. That expertise could be put into an e-book and put up for sale as a Kindle e-book for sale on Amazon, or for sale on a Nook, or an ipad. Shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of technology to establish another income stream for yourself? Does it help your local marketing to say in your advertising please buy my book at Amazon?

Getting a book up on Kindle is not as hard as it used to be. The good news is that e-book sales are outpacing hard cover sales, or soon will be, so Amazon needs you, and the the technology is actually available now. It is not very hard, in fact the toughest part for me was staying focused. I was too excited after my first attempt actually resulted in an upload at Amazon.

In fact, I have two books for sale on Amazon now, neither of which are going to win any literature prizes. I will probably take them down, but the big point here is that my 62 year old brain and my slow-typing fingers got that done. I bought a program that offered me a road map, and now I am learning the road map, and soon it will be second nature.

My books are written about topics that are not typically what sells on Kindle, so I do not anticipate getting rich with them, but as I learn the technology, I just may put together e-books that are attractive to the demographic doing the most purchasing on kindle, who are loosely categorized as “Oprah Watchers” by the creator of the software I am using, and the topics which appeal to those folks are things like pets and self-help. I can re-purpose some of my already existing Ask Mike the Counselor2 pages as e-book chapters for the self-help folks. I am not going to fake my material. However, I may use what I consider to be good public label materials if I decide to really branch out into a real stretch for me, like carpentry or plumbing. I probably won’t ever write about those topics, as I do not know them, but I do know addiction recovery. I think I will go do a book now. I know how to upload, now I need to learn how to do the cover art and links.

Merry Christmas to you all, and a Happy New Year. Please stay tuned for more Start Up Social Media News

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