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I wrote recently about why a mobile website needs to be an important part of your marketing mix,  and almost the first response I got was from an individual who downloaded her company’s website to her smart phone, and reported that her mobile website worked fine.

If you have a Word Press blog, you can make your blog visible on a mobile device by using a plug-in, which will shrink your blog to the size of the phone.

However, the problem with making  your blog shrink to the size of a smart phone screen is a big problem, because mobile users are not typically looking to read your blog on their phone.

Mobile users are most often looking for a quick loading mobile site (less than five seconds)  with thumb friendly simple navigation that gives local directions, or a menu, or a coupon, or specials, or a phone number.  In fact, Google reports that 61% of mobile users call a business after searching,  59% of mobile users visit a business after a search,  and 50% of mobile searches lead to a purchase.

90% of mobile searches lead to some kind of action by the mobile searcher within 24 hours, again according to Google.

So if I am going to shrink my blog so that it appears in the screen of a phone, I need to make sure the front page of my blog provides the information most mobile searchers are looking for.   That would make that blog/mobile site user friendly.

However, a mobile site that is actually user friendly should be a stand alone mobile site,  built for mobile devices which loads fast, is thumb friendly, with simple navigation, which caters to the mobile local user.   Those users are urgent customers ready to visit your store and spend money, while your desk top user is not usually so ready to spend money.    So for my friend in the example I noted above, I hope you will consider a mobile site that mobile friendly as well as mobile.

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