Rockford Social Media News-Meet Tammy Livingston of Three Gs Clutter

Rockford Social Media News-

Join me today on my Start Up Social Media Blog Talk Radio Show to meet Tammy Livingston who is the CEO of Three G’s Clutter.   Tammy began her business just one year ago, boot strapping all the way.   Not only is Tammy building her client list, but she is also one of the founders of L.I.P.P., or Ladies in Professional Power,  a Rockford networking group with the stated purpose of helping business women learn that it is OK to make a profit.

L.I.P.P. has  a year’s worth of workshops and networking events planned for members, the first of which was in April.

I am hoping that I can talk Tammy into sharing a bit of what her motivation for beginning her business was, and is.  I also know that she has overcome some hurdles,  and I want to know what keeps her going.

In my other business, I have met some folks who have overcome some incredible circumstances and I like to explore how and what it is that keeps us moving towards our dreams.  Tammy is an example of that.  Come meet her today at the above address at 11:00am CST on Friday April 29th, 2011.

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