Rockford Social Media News-Magic Waters sells 1,867 tickets in online campaign

Rockford Social Media News

In this time of reduced budgets and county funds allocated to park districts, I want to applaud Magic Waters for their innovation.   What a great job of taking care of the public’s resources at virtually no cost other than for their staff.

I would expect that we will see many more of these stories in the near  future.   From a marketing stand point, Magic Waters just did an end around on traditional broadcast marketing.  They bought no ads on radio, tv, or print media, according to the press release.

I would imagine that soon they will be sending out mobile blasts to remind folks to come on by, and buy a  tee shirt or hat while you are here.


ROCKFORD — Rockford Park District leaders say they are pleased with the results of the first Magic Waters’ ticket-sales campaign conducted exclusively via social media.

The water park hosted its “Crazy 8” campaign through its Facebook and Twitter pages Tuesday, selling 1,867 tickets and netting nearly $16,600 in sales.

“We were very, very happy with the outcome,” said Jessica Steinberg, director of the water park. “We’re excited to continue with these types of promotions in the future and will look for different ways to generate those sales through our social media.”

The water park announced the sale over social media late Monday. The promotion ended Tuesday at midnight. It allowed patrons to purchase general admission tickets for $8.88 to use anytime during the 2011 season. The normal ticket price is $17.95 for Park District residents and $22.95 for nonresidents.

There is almost no cost for the promotion, except for staff time, Steinberg said.

“No marketing dollars were spent on the promotion, it was purely through our social media,” Steinberg said.

Magic Waters has 2,068 fans on Facebook as of 6 p.m. Wednesday. It has 97 followers on Twitter.

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