Rockford Social Media News-Link your Google+ page to your site

Rockford Social Media News-

Notice anything new?  If you said yes, because you found the icon to my Google + page,  you are correct, and win an opportunity to babysit my Hannah Marie, seven years old and full of P and V.  Not afraid to mix it up over the remote.  Just today, Google has allowed us the opportunity to do this, and I am struck by how similar the interface is to Facebook’s options…it will be fun to watch the two Goliaths slug it out in the Social Media arena…but now I actually have to spend some time learning how to use Google +.   Google also rolled out the “gomo” campaign yesterday,  for mobile, and they are penalizing sites and the ad campaigns of those sites that are not optimized for mobile.  Guess they want to put their purchase of  Motorola to use very quickly.

Last but not least, I got mobile pages built for Logan Counseling and Start Up Social Media.   Yes, I got it done.  They need some work,  of course, because I am not a design kind of guy, but the linkages work, and it appears that the big guys are pushing this to happen fast…and faster.

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