Rockford Social Media News-Ladies In Professional Power Summer Expo

Rockford Social Media News

Got to spend a very pleasant day with about 30 local merchants at Porter Park in Roscoe, where we all participated in the LIPP Summer Expo.  It was a beautiful day, with good traffic, and many local vendors sharing their goods and stories.  I got to hang out with my son, Shane, who I enticed to join me with a bit of a bribe.  I told him I would pay him $1.00 for each video he took on my Vadoo camera that will be posted on my Start  Up Social Media Youtube account, so that I can rank highly for some keywords related to social media in Rockford, and after we did a few together, he charged out and did some of his own.  I am really proud of his initiative.  And I got to hit him some grounders behind our tent when traffic was slow.

I have been posting the videos to my Facebook account, and Twitter, and the L.I.P.P. Facebook page also.  If I have the Facebook page of the merchant involved, I send them over there too.  The Youtube videos will be attracting views for ever for Summer Expo participants.  By the way, the next LIPP membership meeting is scheduled for 9-7-11 at Next Age, and I will get to talk a little bit about Facebook campaigns.

If you are a local business woman, I think you should check out LIPP.  In a brief five months they have put on some serious business events, including the Summer Expo and a fashion show.  Who knows what is in store for the holidays.

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