Rockford Social Media News-Ladies in Professional Power Start Up!

Rockford Social Media News-

Ladies in Professional Power, a local networking organization for women entrepreneurs,  had their second meeting Wed. May 5th, 2011, and began the schedule of educational speakers promised in the initial offer.

Rebecca Kopf, President of PR Ect. Inc, spoke to members about how to make their story or business newsworthy and attractive to local or print broadcast media folks, who she characterized as very nice folks.  Ms. Kopf provided a Media Contact List which should prove invaluable for LIPP members who want to develop relationships with media folks.

Ms. Kopf was followed by Amber Fager introducing her accounting business,  Heather Marrie of All Start Tile and Grout, Dana Stockton of Laynie Bugs Bows, and Badger Pro Construction co-owner  Cassie Bonnet.

All the businesses are small,  ranging from one person to a small staff, and several of the presenters mentioned starting their business to offset losses  to the recession, and many noted extremely high fuel prices as a concern.

I thought it was refreshing to see Yankee ingenuity in action.  Entrepreneurs like the Ladies In Professional Power are asking only for a chance,  not a handout.  If you want to see, videos of the presenters, please click on the Youtube link above to meet the Ladies in Professional Power who presented.

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