Rockford Social Media News-Is a Mobile Website Mandatory?

Rockford Social Media News

I have just learned how to put up a mobile website, for this blog, and for Logan Counseling, which means if you search for this url, or Logan Counseling on your mobile, you will see our mobile website, rather than the front page of my blog, which is what you see when you when you use your computer to search out our information, and I have been looking through the online tools used by my business peers in the Rockford area, and I am amazed

Very few of my business friends and peers have made any kind of organized effort which takes advantage of  a blog,  or social media.  Most have no website,  many in the restaurant business have claimed a Facebook page, but have not done anything with it in terms of connecting with customers, few have claimed the local pages with Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and I see little or no effort to manage reviews at Yelp or Urban Spoon for example.   I do not see any development of Twitter or Youtube, or any of the  video sharing tools.

While using social media tools is free in terms of dollars for the most part, it does require an investment in time, but the payoff can be so extraordinary, in terms of visibility and brand recognition, and now those businesses, like locksmiths, or restaurants,  for example, who have spur of the moment customers looking for them on their mobile,  are not prepared.

If my car breaks down on the way to De Kalb this afternoon,  I am going to search on my mobile for a towing company right then.  I am not going to wait until I get home and I am sitting at my computer to handle that problem, and the company with the website that shows up in my mobile will be the winner.   If your company is not prepared for mobile search, you are going to be invisible to all those folks accessing the internet from their phone, and within the next year, there will be more searches from mobiles than from PC’s.

Players in this competition are Google and Apple and Facebook,  and the field is changing almost daily it seems, because of the technological changes.

As I said earlier, I have just learned how to build mobile websites, and Apple brings out  Siri, which could define the future direction of local search engine optimization. Siri is a voice activated app that allows iphone users to control their phones verbally, and some experts are saying that it could mean the end of traditional local search engine optimization.

Without getting into that debate,  how do those same experts say to prepare for Siri, since she i now on the Apple iphone that is the number 1 selling Apple product after a very short period of availability?

  1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile.
  2. Add a mobile site template.
  3. Enhance your local SEO.
  4. Remove data obstructions, which means Flash and Javascript graphics.

Enhance your digital presence using many of the tools mentioned above.  (There are about 1600 social media platforms).

Need help with all that?  Call me.  815-484-0946.  Do not get lost.


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