Rockford Social Media News-I Am A Sitesell Featured Fan! Amazing!

Rockford Social Media News-

I have been a big fan of and proponent of Sitesell and SBI for the last six years,   just because of things like this.  Ken Evoy has built a company based on the philosophy that if you and I bring our brains and motivation, he will provide the back end tools for us to build an online business which is sustainable.  Just this year SBI has begun a social media campaign that is growing very rapidly, and also have begun paying it forward for Facebook participants with the Featured Fan tool.  To know that the team has taken note of my participation is personally gratifying, and professionally speaking, putting my url in front of 25,000 Facebook fans is exciting to say the least.  But here is what I got to share on SBI, and it is so true.

Please say “hi” to our new Featured Fan… Michael S. Logan from http://www.askmikethecounselor​ You’ll frequently see his name appear at SiteSell Facebook, giving an update about his progress as an e-business owner, sharing advice and tips, or encouraging other fans with thoughtful comments. He has been with SBI! for 6 years, f…irst teaching himself and now others how to grow a successful business online.

Let’s hear Michael’s story from himself…

My SBI! adventure began in 2005 with a lot of get rich quick excitement. After 6 years and a lot of trial and error, what is left is the excitement and a growing business.

Following the SBI! model has allowed me to learn a brand new trade, one that I can carry on from my home office as I retire from my day job as a counselor, one that will provide income to my family long after I am gone, provided Mr. Al Gore does not take down the internet.
My first two attempts at an online business using the SBI! model were what we would call “learning experiences”, in part because I was inexperienced, and I did not read the directions as thoroughly as I should have.

So if you are new, read the Action Guide, and follow the directions. Whatever you do, do not register a domain like Frazzled-Family-Finding-Change​, and if an SBI! coach tells you to start over, take heed, even if you have 30 pages done.

A casual comment that I made in the forums one day was seen by Don Coggan, who called me to ask how serious I was. I had mentioned that I thought teaching my domestic violence clients how to build their own online business could be part of a solution to building safer communities. Don invited me to participate in new program that SBI! was building, and SBI! trained me to teach the Action Guide and the SBI! model to students at a local school, in my case Rock Valley College. I was later included as an instructor in the eLearning class, and while I hope the folks I taught gained benefit, I was forced to truly learn the Action Guide well enough to communicate it effectively to students from all parts of the planet, and all walks of life.

As a result, my third attempt at SBI! is working, with traffic and income growing just like the SBI! model predicts. That experience has even led to offline consulting gigs.

As I have gotten more online experience, and tried out more than a few of the get-rich-quick kinds of tools, I have grown to seriously appreciate the SBI! philosophy and the efforts by Ken Evoy and team to provide us an extraordinary up-to–the-minute set of tools which let me play in the global market place from my home office.

The best part though? Yesterday afternoon, while I was working at home, my 12 year old son came into my office and asked if I would hit him some infield grounders because he is considering trying out for some infield positions. So we went out in the back yard and played. And Hannah Marie, his six year old sister , wanted in on the action too. She went right after those ground balls although she was not quite sure which hand to wear Daddies glove on. Thanks, SBI!.

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