Rockford Social Media News-How Will Mobile Marketing Fit Into Your Marketing Plan?

Rockford Social Media News-

I have a confession to make.  I seldom have used a cell phone, and that is a bone of contention for my beloved Julie, who can chat with two friends and two kids while texting a third friend.  She does not like it when she cannot reach me, because I do not make it a point to keep  the phone  charged or on, but all that could be changing as I am slowly becoming aware of iTunes apps for mental health.  And my latest phone is actually made with buttons big enough for my stumpy fingers, and is intuitive enough that an old guy could get how to use it without a lot of half-baked internet tutorials.

But I happened to come across an NPR post about mental health apps.  The post was actually an interview with the scientists doing the research on phone apps for depression and some other issues, and out of curiosity, I went to iTunes to see what was there, and before you know it, I am putting widgets for addiction, stress management, autism, and…brain fitness up on my AskMiketheCounselor2 website.  The Brain Fitness Pro app is actually a version of the dual n back task,  which is an excellent challenge for your attention and IQ.

I guess it fits as I am learning about how to incorporate mobile into my local search business, so I should know how to use a cell phone, right?  In fact, I just opted in to a mobile message from a website whose products I like.  Now of course, I need to make sure all my websites are mobile ready.  Not bad for an old guy who couldn’t type when he went back to graduate school.

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