Rockford Social Media News-How Long Does It Take to Make Money Online?

Rockford Social Media News

So you have begun to look at making money online.  There is good news and bad news.  You can make money online, which is the good news.  The bad news is that it will take time and effort, regular work to make money online, just like it would if you had your own shop at the corner of Main and Central in your town.

I can remember my first experiences of spam e-mail in the mid-1990’s when I and my business partner Jeremy Croyle were implementing an EEG Biofeedback process at his business.  The World Wide Web was just getting to be a phenomenon at that time, and AOL had just sent out their floppy disk invitations to every household in America, and all of us who had no idea about how computers worked, we all signed up, and the States Attorneys of all 50 states, or many of them anyway, were suing AOL for fraud because AOL had underestimated the response they would get and did not have an infrastructure in place for the response they got.

Well, Jeremy and I did get online, and began to get involved with an EEG biofeedback list serve of other professionals, which was my first exposure to the mysterious internet, and our ISP was AOL, so I had an AOL e-mail account and I began to sign up for this list and that list, and before long I got my first spam.   Most of it I disregarded, but for some reason, one day I opened one, and it was from a lady named Ros Gardiner, who claimed to be making 1/2 million per year doing affiliate marketing.

Again for some unknown reason,  I bought the e-book she was offering, called the Super Affiliate Handbook,  and printed it out, and started to read it.  Guess the get-rich-quick demon took over.  Believe it or not, there was a lot of very good information in the Super Affiliate Handbook, and I still follow Ms. Gardner to this day, some 13 years or so later.

She and Ken Evoy, who is the owner of SBI, both offer a very different vision of making money online than the get-rich-quick schemers..  I found Ken Evoy through Ros, and actually purchased my first SBI subscription through an affiliate link in the Super Affiliate Handbook, if memory serves me.

But they both say that building a sustainable business online takes time and effort.   Ros says that following her guidance can generate income online in 1 to 6 months.  SBI does not make any claims in regards to time, but many SBI folks have built very successful five and six figure income businesses online over time.  So working on your online business full time will probably generate income sooner than if you are chugging along doing updates while the kids are taking a nap.  So it will be passion that makes your part time business profitable.  Want a sense of how that can work using the SBI tools?  Go Here

Check out how SBI handles social media tools too.   The Facebook page for Sitesell (or SBI) is an excellent example of how to build a raving following quite rapidly.  You can even score some consulting gigs too.   Starting Up Social Media is a great way to expand your online presence and business very quick.  Well, I also have to mow that lawn today, so I better get to work…I will be the guy you see who has the sunburned head this afternoon, and I am going to enjoy it before we need to batten down the hatches for fall and winter.  Mike


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