Rockford Social Media News-How Fast Can Social Media Solve Business Problems?

Rockford Social Media News

How fast can social media solve problems? I mean regular, every day problems, not marketing problems?

OK, so all week my traction control light has been popping on and reducing engine power in my super duper 2006 Chevy Malibu, which is irritating on city streets, especially for the people behind me, and dangerous on the highway to Winnebago, Il. which I drive frequently, to pick up kids, attend the class room events, ect. I hoped with the first couple of instances that it would heal itself, but it did not, and I had some real fear about taking the car to a dealer. Not sure dealerships are interested in me personally as much as they are the cash flow, and if you do not do any research, you can feel pretty helpless with a dealership’s response to your problem. So I did some research and found some good information which helped me to realize that the problem may not be as extensive or expensive as I anticipated. I even found an online mechanic who responded to my request for information at 10:00pm in the evening, and armed with the information he provided, I sent a note to a local garage, Steve’s Auto, that I have been following on Facebook for awhile, because the owner of the garage has been supporting charities that I like, and asked him if he had the kind of sensor the online mechanic had recommended. I did not expect a fast reply, but I had one, and Steve said he had that kind of sensor, and would I like to schedule an appointment? By fast I mean within minutes, and we chatted back and forth a bit, and I had my appointment scheduled and a courtesy ride thrown in within moments. No phone call, no answering machines, no messages, just done. Cool.

I also have a little Dell projector I use for the occasional presentation I do, which I wanted to use and did use in a presentation at the Winnebago Public Library in August or September for the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce. However the bulb overheated and went out, and I could not get it to work, and I tried and tried to find a way to get Dell to respond to my problem. Their webpage and online folks could not get me routed to the correct place for my questions because my Dell projector has an incorrect Service tag on it, and they kept telling me I had a laptop, not a projector, and the entire process was hampered by the fact that all the service folks were from India. So now success getting Dell help.

Finally I got fed up with Dell and I tweeted on my large Twitter account that Dell was not responding to my customer service issue, in hopes that the Dell reputation management folks would see it and respond.

Dell did not see or did not respond to my Tweet, but a camera shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin did, and tweeted good information back to me in FOUR minutes. That is right, FOUR minutes. So much for Dell.

The speed at which Social Media is responding to real time problems is amazing. Mind boggling. And I know that my appreciation for Steve’s Garage and the Green Bay camera shop is big. The camera shop had no hope of getting my business, and still took the time to send information my way, and Steve has a good chance of becoming my go to mechanic. Now if Steve’s Garage has Wifi, and I can bring in my laptop….

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