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Rockford Social Media News

Sorry I have not posted for awhile, been doing some trainings.  First was the Ultimate Facebook challenge with Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams, a very faced paced (one webinar per day for two weeks) training that spoke to building Facebook pages for keywords related to a particular Clickbank product of our choice.

The next training was Total Tumblr Takeover, and I found it on the Warrior Forum,  for $7.00.   The focus of this program was to get Tumblr sites built, monetized,  SEO’d with traffic flowing in, and then sell the Tumblr site.

I also found Marie and Tina’s training at the Warrior Forum as a Warrior Special Offer, for $9.00, so it is a good resource for you, if you are looking for Internet Marketing tools.

But the really powerful training that I have just finished is the Word Press Mobile Pro with Jason Fladlein and Wilson Mattos, which has taught me how to build mobile websites, and the reason why a business would want a mobile website.

More and more folks have smart phones, and they are eschewing PC’s and laptops for their internet work, or they are using an ipad rather than a PC or laptop, and when I search from a mobile device,  Google knows that and presents me with far different search results than I would see with my laptop or PC.  If I do not have a mobile site,  then I am invisible on a mobile device…even if my regular website can be squeezed into a mobile screen, that squeezed website will not answer the questions my customers want answered with a mobile site.  Typical mobile searches are spur of the moment, for directions, or a coupon, or a price check, and folks searching the internet at home may want more in depth information about a topic.

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