Rockford Social Media News-Facebook?

Rockford Social Media News

So if you are a business person trying to figure out how to use Social Media to bring new customers to your door, and you are doing that alone, or with a small staff,  you might be willing to throw in the towel after the changes in the last couple of days with Facebook.  The look and feel of the Facebook stream has changed, and as I write this, I am attempting to keep up with what Mark Zuckerberg is doing as we speak.   Why does it need to change?  Not sure, maybe because they can?  The tech geeks are looking into crystal balls attempting to tell us what we need based on what we have done?  Which reminds me, I better go let my daughter ‘s school bus.  BRB. 

OK, she is off the bus, filled up with snack and outside rampaging…riding her bike, I mean.

Part of the reason I want to keep up with the social media changes is to market more effectively for my wife’s counseling business, and my own online businesses.  The global market place  looks like it is slowing again, with a recession in the making, and I am sure there are going to be many small businesses that are going to want to use social media because they cannot afford the traditional broadcast media tools we have all known and loved.

And I have some experience with that.  So I can help, and that is why I will come back to this new Facebook stuff after a good nights sleep. 


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