Rockford Social Media News-Etsy, Rockford, and Artisan Businesses

Rockford Social Media News-Etsy, Rockford, and Artisan Businesses

Did you see this in the Rockford Register Star this morning?    The Art of the Deal-Possibilities Endless For Rockford in Etsy Venture   is a very intriguing article.  I think that this kind of adventure is extremely important to us citizens, as commerce moves online in a big way.   The old way of making a living, by hourly wage, working for a corporation, or at a job site, is no longer available the way it used to be,  and I saw the impact in my counseling practice every day.

In fact, I knew there was a recession starting in the summer of 2007 when my court ordered clients began to struggle to pay their weekly $20.00 fee, and I could get a sense of when things were beginning to get better, when payments picked up in Jan. of 2010.   Most of my clients were the working poor, and middle class, doing well enough to have some piece of the American dream, but the recession really hit those folks hard, and know I see them struggle even more, because the traditional sources of jobs have dried up.

If I were to look for a job today, it would be on Twitter or Linkedin, not in the local paper, sadly.

So, if we are going to empower folks, I think this initiative is a great start.  Problem for me is, no craft talents or ideas.  I do have information I can market though…but probably not on Etsy.

I do have  a good friend in Poplar Grove who uses Twitter and Etsy to market his Boy Scout custom made kerchief slides.  Mike Crookshank is the maker of the slides, and he makes them in his shop out behind his house, so there is an another example of a home grown business owner doing very well on Etsy using Twitter and his Scouting backgrounds.

I will be very interested to read Mayor Morrisey’s State of the City address tomorrow in the newsp…I mean on the RRStar website.

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