Rockford Social Media News-Can You Publish Your Own E-Book for Kindle?

Rockford Social Media

Just time for a quick update, got to get to anger management workshop, and the roads might be icy this morning. Got to attend a couple of excellent webinars this week, one by Jay Boyer from a small Illinois town not far from me. Jay is new to the internet marketing thing, starting last year, 2009 actually, and has developed a viable business publishing books for Amazon Kindle. I am going to join right in because I have a counseling website with over 800 pages of content, which can be repurposed in a number of different manners, such as communication skills, listening skills, brain fitness, ect, and marketed. Can you imagine heading into a Twitter workshop with my hardcover book for sale? Good cachet. By the way, listening to your clients is very important in your social media sales. If they get that you are paying attention, which takes a bit of time, in the long run, folks will be much more interested in doing business with you.

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