Rockford Social Media News-Are You Supporting Michelle Wilgus?

Rockford Social Media News

Can one person engage in a social media campaign, against numerous competitors and pull off a win that most of us would consider improbable?

Meet Michelle Wilgus, a die hard Green Bay Packer fan, a Belvidere, Il. police officer, and a former staffer at W.A.V.E., which stands for Working Against Violent Environments.  W.A.V.E. is the unbrella organization for the Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter in Winnebago County.

Michelle has entered a contest sponsored by the National Football League to win a trip to the 2012 Super Bowl, and has enlisted her family and friends and a growing segment of local Facebook and Twitter users and an e-mail campaign which she created to cast votes for her candidacy.   I really admire how she had done her campaign.

Michelle solicited support on Facebook, and on Twitter, and also in the local newspaper which is where I ran across her campaign.  I e-mailed her, and we exchanged a couple of cordial e-mails, discovering that our paths had crossed in prior careers, and I promised to support her campaign, which is what I am doing today, in my blog, and I did cast a few ballots a few moments ago.  I have also shared her campaign on my Facebook page and Tweeted and retweeted some of her Twitter posts.

But what I really want to talk about is how easy it is for one person to run a Social Media Campaign.   As a die hard fan, I am sure that the outcome of the contest is very important to Michelle, but I think it is just as much about the fun of it, for both her and her online supporters.

Her campaign is a David and Goliath kind of event in my mind…when you consider who the players are in this, the NFL, Facebook, the Super Bowl…how can the owner of one little Facebook page leverage enough influence to move the behemoths?

Well, Michelle is doing it.  Last time I checked she was in first place, but there are 14 voting days left, so all you folks who have been putting off your clicks, get going and help Michelle get her free trip.

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