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I have been invited by Ladies in Professional Power to talk about search engine optimization on 6-1-11,  which is quite an honor I think, and I am really looking forward to my 20 presentation.  So of course, I have been tracking my various strategies for my websites,, Logan Counseling, and of course this website,  just to make sure I can back up what I am talking about.

AskMike is an SBI website, built to attract traffic for keywords related to counseling in the traditional authority web site manner,  and the search engines are rewarding me as SBI said they would,  with increased traffic and sales, across time.  My initial goal for that site was 1000 unique visitors a day, which I passed last fall, and now I am going for 2000 visitors per day, from search engine traffic.  A wonderful help to that traffic growing process was the inclusion of a Google ‘Like” button and the continued development by SBI, at no cost to us subscribers, is what they call a third column, which let me include the ‘Like’  button on all my pages.  That button has been clicked 100 times since last Nov. and generated several thousand views of my site from Facebook each month.  The Google Panda adjustment also helped.

My keyword and search engine strategy for Logan Counseling was simply to dominate local counseling keyword, and make sure that the people who search that term see my wife Julie’s credentials.  The prime keyword gets 880 views per month according to Google,  which is over 10,000 views per year, and as of yesterday, we ranked #1 for that keyword, with a couple of other pages ranked in the top ten of Google.  I am very pleased with those results, but we have to keep adding content and back links to sustain that position.

While I do not have a number one ranking for my Start Up Social Media blog, the last time I checked I had four pages ranked in the top ten for the keyword I want to rank for.

A number of the keywords that my blogs rank for are local search terms because my businesses are local.  AskMiketheCounselor2 is not a local site,  so there are fewer local keywords that have content written for them.

So, in preparation for June 1, 2011 I have been looking at what some of the folks who are members of LIPP have been doing for their online marketing,  and admiring their efforts, and wondering about some of their choices.   I think a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization and and marketing are extremely important to keeping your business visible.

Many of the tools that keep one visible online are free, except for your time.  They are incredibly effective and plastic, take them and run with them to create your own online marketing strategy, and the first part of that will be your search engine optimization, which you will learn about when you attend the June  1st meeting at my office.

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