Rockford Social Media Marketing

As I start my social media marketing venture, I am in the process of introducing myself to my “sphere of influence” and last Friday, I ran into an old friend serendipitously, at Katie’s Cup in Rockford, Illinois at 9:00am.  I would give you the GPS but I am sure you get the idea.   I say serendipitously because I went to Katie’s Cup to meet Mary Kay Morrison,  who did not know we had an appointment,  and there was Rick,  with whom I also did not have an appointment and we regaled each other with our word play.

Rick has always been a bit of a community activist and he was talking about how he had videotaped some performances at Katies Cup and was going to put them up on Youtube, but had filmed on an 8mm camera?  Now, I am not a tech maven, but that sounds like my Dad’s camera and I am 62 years old.   I volunteered to help load the videos up to Youtube,  and offered a sense of how I do that with my flip camera, which is an entirely different beast than myDad’s 8mm, which was used to take videos at our Christmas celebrations back when there was a Santa Claus.  Rick said he had ordered a cable from eBay that would help him get started, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

But Rick is also involved in the Mid Town Farmers Market, and today I have invited him to join me in a Blog Talk Radio show to give the Mid Town Farmers market one more social media channel for exposure.  I am hoping that Rick and perhaps the booth owners at Mid Town will participate, and we will make the replays and perhaps the youtube videos available  to fans and potential customers.  What do you say, Rick?

Why would you want to make Blog Talk Radio a part of your Social Media Marketing?  I like it because you can call in from wherever, and talk for 15 minutes, or more if you want, and you can let all your fans know, and they can call in and ask questions, or leave questions prior to the show, and the replay is up until Al Gore takes down the internet, and if you are doing good SEO, the replay can get found in a search for say, Rockford Farmer’s Markets.   Or since this is Illinois, perhaps sweet corn.  So it is a convenient tool with a wide reach.  And you could video yourself doing the interview, and put that up on Youtube.  The permutations are endless.  Well, got to get the children going here, off the YMCA for a workout, then back to Social Media Marketing

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