Rockford Social Media-Julie and I are Getting Ready for the 3H Women’s Expo!

Rockford Social Media

Julie Logan, RN, LCSW,  the therapeutic brains at Logan Counseling,  and Mike Logan, the guy doing this blog, are getting ready to participate in Stacy Snow’s Expo on this early November Sunday.  I am looking forward to sharing time with my lovely wife and also doing some branding work with other entrepreneurs today, and for ourselves.  Stacy has scheduled some excellent presentations, and I will even tape some of them for her,  and you can of course find them at Start Up Social Media Youtube channel.   You can find that in the nav bar at the top of the page.  But what I am really looking forward to doing is playing a bit and sharing my idea that small businesses can become more effective and profitable using Social Media tools.    As I have gotten involved in my small community of Winnebago,  I have amazed at the number of businesses that have been going in that community that have been there decades,  and have contributed to the Chamber of Commerce and their schools fund raisers and the well being of the community for along time,  and if we can make each of our little businesses a little more profitable using Social Media tools, then the communities that we care about are that much stronger for our kids and each other.  We will all feel a bit safer.  So I guess I am going to be an evangelizer as much as a sales person, and I am going to have some fun too.  So look out for the guy taking pictures with his phone, who will be sending them up to Facebook and Twitter.  If you are there you may reach customers from all over the world today.  Look for the updates on my Facebook page.  Mike

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