Rockford Social Media-How Long Does it Take for Someone to Make a Purchase Decision or to Move On

Rockford Social Media

According to Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi,Ph.D. and author of an excellent book called Flow, we humans process sensory data (sound waves to the ear drum, photons through the lens of the eye, pressure to sensory motor cortex, ect.) in packets of seven bits at a time, and the shortest time between packets is 1/18th second. Paul Ekman, Ph.D., a renowned researcher in facial expression research, says that we can respond to the subtle muscle movements on another’s face in 1/25th second, which is roughly twice as fast as I can blink my eyes.

Is your marketing message designed to influence folks who are making purchase decisions that rapidly? You are probably not going to reach folks in their first 1/18th second of looking at your offering.

That is why we need to be able to reach people frequently where they are, and today they are on Social Media. (Don’t believe me, take a look at your newspapers want ad section as opposed to Craig’s list or Backpages). I can build my “know, like, and trust” factor with folks in many brief, fun, even funny interactions on Social Media, and if I am sharp, I can even prospect there as well, and invite folks to come get to know me, so when they see my avatar or picture or Twitter account name, there is a flash or recognition in 1/18th second, and when that recognition happens, there is a tendency to read my message.

But what is my strategy for Social Media, how do I find my target market, or do I just get online and spray message all over the place and hope for a response?

Spraying messages may be where I start, but I really want you to think about how you will create a strategy for your social media efforts. Above all it has got to be fun. I know when I read a name that indicates that I am about to be sold something, like Start Up Social Media, even if the message is cordial, or humorous, I am likely to dismiss it or disregard the humor. By the same token, once I get used to a humorous style of wording, I may look for the next funny quote.

So there is going to be resistance to marketing in Social Media. So how do I transition from broadcast marketing to Social Media marketing, which involves conversations? I read of course, and so should you, but there is so much being written about Social Media tools. As Yoda would say, “Overwhelming it is”.

I have had many online coaches say to me do not get caught up in the “next shiny object” syndrome, which means once you have made a purchase of a social media marketing tool, really get familiar with it, and use it, which is what I did with the tools that Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis developed for the Social Media Marketing Guild. If you want a thorough training from folks making real money developing campaigns for their clients, then this is the one to get. Or you call me to help you build “know, like, and trust” 1/18th of a second by 1/18th second.

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