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Rockford Small Business Social Media-

Not sure about you, but I am really excited right now.  I began my day by looking at yesterday’s statistics for my SBI website,  Ask Mike the Counselor2, and doing my daily blog update.  I have been changing the monetization scheme recently because after a couple of years, I have a history that tells me which of the programs I have promoted catch my readers eyes and result in purchases.  Others that I thought would be of interest but are not are being discarded.  One of the nice things about SBI is the continual updates, so instead of having to go through my 800 pages of content one by one, I can simply build one new third column, which is a new service created by SBI at no extra cost, and update very page on my site.

Then I did some social media updates at Twitter and Facebook,  where I like to share my wonderment at my kids and family as they share their uninhibited reactions to the events of the household.   My six year old daughter loves ‘wrestle time’ as she calls it, and dares me to rub my whiskers on her six year old belly.  I will miss that as she grows older, but that is another blog post. I have several Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, so some days I may post individually to them or use a tool like to do them all at once.

Then I posted one of my weaker SBI pages to some document sites, and posted a draft article to my article marketing company.  That will result in backlinks and increased traffic for Ask Mike.  I read some blogs and responded to some of my Facebook friends.

Now I am blogging, and I actually need to hurry up so I can get a workout in before my first counseling client happens.  Then I will work on some of my offline marketing efforts this afternoon.  I need to check out a new projector that my wife bought at an auction Friday, and if it talks to my computer, I will be able to do some presentations, once I change some slides to my business.  That means free presentations for small business owners on Social Media.  I am looking to build a small consulting business which fits in my retirement lifestyle.  After all, I want to put as much whisker burn on the kid’s bellies as I can before they grow up and move on with their lives.

The core of this business, which provides its own income, is my Ask Mike SBI site, and this blog and the blog I do for Logan Counseling.  It is actually very fun to get up and work on this business.

Intrigued by SBI?  Can’t believe the appraisal sites out there value my SBI site at over $10,000.00.  Should I sell?  Not a snowballs chance in hell.

SBI tools for this day, the first day of the rest of your life.

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