Rockford Small Business Social Media-Year in Review

Small Business Social Media

It is New Year’s Day here, and the Solstice is over, and Christmas is past, mostly, although my six year old is arguing that a bit, and the worry about how cold it is going to get is over, because it is cold. We have had our January thaw, and lots of snow has melted, and the marketing focus for me has been Valentines Day and relationships for the last week, and also on Groupon Coupons which have just come to Rockford.

However, I was just reading Lynn Terry’s blog, and she was talking about the increases she had in visitors to her blog, and I was embarassed when I read her numbers, because mine are miniscule compared to hers, and then I said to myself, whoa, Mike. Before you start driving yourself crazy with envy, let’s compare apples to apples.

So I decide to take a look at the numbers for my Askmikethecounselor2 and the numbers are very encouraging. I went from 13,000 visitors in December of 2009 to 19,000 visitors in November of 2010, and in the last four months of the year, I had a 1000 unique visitors per day routinely. 1000 visitors per day was actually my goal for AskMike, but having reached that goal, I now am revising that to 1000 unique visitors per day. Tremendous traffic growth. My website has been up for only three years, and under serious development for a little over two years. Many of my competitors have been around for eight or more years, an important consideration. My counseling website is built using the SBI platform, which promises that if I bring the BAM (brains and motivation), traffic and sustainable income will follow. So now I need to continue to sustain the Content development which will be no problem since I love the topic of counseling, and income on all fronts did increase. I am very close to developing my daily income goal. If you are interested in checking out the SBI platform, go here.

If you are a small business or a small town business ready to develop your online presence through a website, then join up with about 40,000 other SBI subscribers who are doing the same thing. Believe me it works, and a content based website can be a hub or the hub for your social media adventures too.

So for all of 2009 and 2010 then I poured effort into content creation for Ask Mike, and in the middle of this year, I began this blog, and another called Logan Counseling because I had begun a Social Media certification training with Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams who are gifted and caring instructors. I joined the Village of Winnebago Chamber of Commerce, and ended up as the Secretary, replacing a long time village resident who had led many volunteer efforts for the good of the village, Kris Steinwand, and as part of that adventure I created a Facebook page for the Buy Local program of Winnebago merchants, and got it done correctly with the aid of Tina Williams even though I was not actually done with my social media certification.

Well, folks, to paraphrase that great Kevin Costner dream in Field of Dreams, if you build it, the clicks will follow, and so they have. Traffic is growing here and the search engine optimization for Logan Counseling is excellent, which is why I build that blog. Julie and I dominate the most important keywords for counseling and Rockford, so folks who need counseling in Rockford and search online will see us at number 2 in the organic search rankings for Google.

So when I think about my traffic numbers compared to Lynn Terry, I did not do so well, but when I think about how I did with my own goals, it was an excellent year, and just this morning I hit upon a strategy that will allow me to ride the coat tails of a booming trend. I have joined the affiliate program and will be using it to develop my offline consulting business.

So today I am grateful for my learning experiential learning style which makes any project take a long time to learn, but once all the new neural connections are made, lots of connections pop together.

And Lynn, and those SBI folks who are making $10,000.00 per month, here I come! Thanks for your inspiration. Mike

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