Rockford Small Business Social Media-How to Reach the Small, Small Business Owner

Rockford Small Business Social Media

How many of you ever read John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame?  I have been semi-following his work ever since I first saw a reference to him by Ken Evoy of SBI fame.  I figured that if Ken thought that there was value in Duct Tape Marketing, there probably was, but when I first read John’s work, I did not have the perspective or experience  that I have now, for online business, so I did not stay caught up with DTM.

But now I pay pretty close attention to what is written at Duct Tape Marketing.  I look for John’s posts in my Facebook stream and yesterday he wrote a post about marketing to small business folks, and I just dropped my jaw.  The post helped me to clarify some of what I already know about my own experience looking for tools in my neighborhood for my business.  I do not have time for all of them.  And I do not outsource much yet, so that further constrains my time.

So I have included some of what John wrote so that you see if it fits for you, the online marketer that you are.


…”Time is the most limited resource

Cost is an issue when it comes to buying your products and services, but time is a much bigger issue. Will you save me time? Will the time cost to switch be too painful? Will your sales presentation waste my time?

Small business owners are so time-starved they filter out any message that threatens to rob them of that time, even if doing so seems terribly illogical to you…


Cool is a change in the weather

Small business owners don’t have time for this year’s cool new app. At times they would just be fine if the Internet and this week’s hot online play went away altogether. Tell me what this thing you’re selling can do to make my life better. Oh, and save me time or else I don’t really care…


This year’s budget is the same as last year’s

Here’s something that folks in big business might find shocking. Most small businesses do not work from a budget for much of anything including, sadly, marketing. So, yes, this year’s budget is the same as last, which means they didn’t budget a dime for what you are pitching….

OK, back to Mike.  Does that sound like you?

Is there a solution?  Yes.  For me that meant scheduling a time to do Social Media marketing.  That schedule is a seven day a week schedule, for me, because I work at home a lot, and get up before the rest of the family, so I can have it done before they stumble out into the real world.   During that time I do my Facebook, Twitter, SBI,  social media account updating and link building work.  No new content or surfing until it is done.  Sometimes it feels like I am just flinging mud against the wall to see what will stick, until I get a call from a prospective client who says they have been following my work, and they want to hire me.  That makes it all worthwhile.  Want to take a look at a marketing plan from Duct Tape Marketing?  Check the link in the right side bar for Marketing Plan Pro.

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