Rockford Small Business Social Media-Don’t Rely (Just on) On Facebook For Your Social Media Marketing

Rockford Small Business Social Media

Interesting post by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing today.  He uses an analogy of your blog as the main building or house of your social media efforts, and I was chagrined to think about how right he was.  This blog is mine, and cannot be taken away.  No matter how many followers I have on Twitter or Facebook, if they shut down, or I violate the TOS, and they end my account,  it is all gone.  No more Twitter or Facebook or Plaxo or Youtube, or even Blogger, for that matter, so I am going to remind myself of the need to build my brand and business here too, although I really like the conversations I have on Facebook and Twitter.  The response to my Youtube videos has been excellent, and they certainly help spread my brand name, they are not mine.  Not even sure I have them on a computer anymore.  Maybe I should do them over.

All the more reason to use a blog platform for branding and marketing.

Here is another interesting thought from John Jantsch;

“Here’s the other thing about relying on social networks as a primary commerce tool. It’s not an effective pipeline for most marketing related calls to actions. So, even the gentle come by our open house will likely fall flat.

I’ve experienced countless examples of people with huge followings promoting a book launch of even free webinar with little or no response while a mention on that same person’s blog makes the cash register ring loudly.”

OK, blog, get ready because I will be posting much more frequently.  Your  Alexa rank has slipped a bit, too.  Time for some spring cleaning, too.

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