Rockford Small Business Social Media-Combine Affiliate Income with Lead Generation? Yes

Rockford Small Business Social Media-

Does it make sense to develop your online income using affiliate marketing while you develop your lead generation with social media? I think it does. My online adventure actually began five years ago when I read a book called the Super Affiliate Handbook by Roz Gardner, who is a Canadian lady who had built a very successful affiliate marketing business to the tune of about $500,000.00 per year in revenue, all of it online. In her book, Roz talked about one company called SBI or Sitesell and recommended the platform as a tool for newbies to get started. At that time it took all my computer expertise to log in to AOL, but I bought the book, and printed it, much to the dismay of my beloved, who looked at my building an online business very suspiciously.

And I began the process of self-education that continues today in regards to building online businesses. (Once you know how to do one, might as well have several, right?).

The SBI model, based on the ideas of Ken Evoy, is designed to empower folks like you and I who are not technically savvy so that we can build a business that can compete in the global marketplace. That is correct, the global marketplace. The SBI tools do all the technical stuff, you and I provide the brains and motivation.

Just a heads up, if you ever decide to try the SBI tool, pay attention to the Action Guide that is included. You do not need to duplicate my experience of no traffic after 8 months of work because you didn’t pay attention.

At any rate my first attempts at income generation were affiliate marketing and Google Adsense, and just as the Action Guide promised, as my traffic increased, my income from those two streams increased.

This was way back in the dark ages of internet marketing too, six years ago, before Twitter and when Google was a bit of a teenager, and maybe about the time Facebook was emerging. No one had spoken the term Social Media, or Social Media Marketing, and of course there was no such thing as social media marketing consultants.

Now marketers are falling all over themselves to indicate to bricks and mortar businesses that they need to have a Facebook page and a Youtube Channel and a Twitter account, and actually those things are true.

(Hint-mobile local marketing will soon change the way small town and small market businesses operate, and that could be within a years time).

But for those of us who lean to the troglodyte side of online business, is it possible to increase your affiliate income and/or your adsense income creating content and combining that with Social Media? Absolutely. Adsense does require a website or blog of some kind though.

In fact, I am reading of SBI businesses generating $10-$15,000 per month in adsense and affiliate income the old fashioned way, by building quality content for the search engines that users search out and read on the desk top or their laptop. How long does it take? Well the better your content the faster the traffic, but know this SBI has only been around since 1998, so all those online success stories are less than 13 years old.

Fast forward, I am now a certified social media campaign planner, and I am working with small businesses to build their Social Media presence as a lead generation tool by building online “know-like-and-trust” and I am an SBI owner building adsense and affiliate marketing income through my now three year old counseling site. What SBI promised is happening for me personally. I like having that income coming in while I build my social media presence and business.

In fact, given the search engine optimization skills I have learned with SBI, I can make this blog and another that I built for my wife’s therapy practice outrank the big boys and girls in local search. Want more information on SBI? Click here for SBI local biz information.

Want to learn how to be a social media consultant? I learned from Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams. Even after I graduated, they are doing weekly webinars designed to teach us new approaches. Talk about over deliver. See the green button in the right column.

Want to get started with a blog? Start with the Socrates theme, and word press. Very economical. All the resources you need here on this page, and you will see the links to this post on Twitter and Facebook shortly after I build this post. My message will go out to 25,000 folks I am connected to, and who knows how many they are connected to. This is a great way to spend my retirement mornings.

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