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Wow, what a treat.  I got to introduce my version of SEO and Social Media Marketing to the Ladies in Professional Power, a new Rockford, Il. networking group for women entrepreneurs,  this past June 1st.   Feedback to me about the presentation was good, so I think that I did not get too jargony for the folks attending, but the chance to talk to some of the women attending was wonderful.  I got to converse with some really neat folks,  who are working on their bricks and mortar and online businesses as aggressively as I am.  And I have had some requests to do workshops, so those are going to be scheduled for Friday mornings, tentatively from 8:30 to 11:30a.m.  The idea is that you bring your laptop computer to the workshop, sign-in with your WiFi, and walk out three hours later with a tool that will help you increase your local visibility and “know, like, and trust”. 

I got to introduce my wife Julie, who took some video of me for our Youtube channel, and talk about something that I think can be a very powerful tool for us small business people.  I think it is a shame that more small business people do not take advantage of a blog and social media to increase their visibility in their market, and even bring customers to the door.   So look for the video a little later today,  unless it is not very clear because I had to turn the lights off.

And another thanks to the Ladies in Professional Power for their trust.  Looking forward to the next time I get to present.

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  1. Hey Michael
    Excellent video
    Well done on positioning yourself brilliantly as the expert that you certainly are.

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