Rippln Through Rockford Social Media News-Want to try an experiment with me?

Rockford Social Media News-Rippln Through Rockford

I suppose it is about time that I try a phone app…especially since my eight year old daughter wanted to down load an app on my phone the other day, had it all picked out and everything.  However, Dad is from troglodyte and semi-luddite land, and still uses his cell phone to make calls and send the occasional text, rather than down load apps.

Now on to the actual topic at hand, which is the marketing of a cell phone app called Rippln, which has not even been released yet, but appears to be taking the internet by storm, in a few short days.  I had seen some references to it, but since I am not a big cell phone fan or app user, I ignored those posts until a respected friend of mine from my SBI teaching days sent me a message on Facebook about it, and I took a look at the plan, and since it is free, I decided to sign up.   That was Thursday or Friday and since then I have seen a number of recruiting attempts, including  a post to my linkedin account.  Linkedin?  Wow, and I like the way the post was written.  Readable and professional, but still excited…and the folks who I signed up under will be doing a Google hangout today to educate the team…so it looks like the marketing folks are going full steam ahead on Social Media platforms to get the word out, and I want to follow along, so I can describe it for you, because this should be masterful.

Think about it.  How many apps for cell phones are downloaded every day?  But I do not know of any that have built demand through and mlm set up prior to the release of the app.  They are almost guaranteed success initially, even if the thing does not work.

Of course, with mlm, there is a compensation plan, and probably a monthly charge of some sort, and I am curious to see what that will look like as well, and I have seen some short articles about the compensation plan, which are a bit confusing, but let us play along and see what kind of marketing wizardry happens here.

Here is a review of the rippln app…

This is not a request to sign-up, just a quick review, which sure did appear fast.  Mike


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