The ROI of Video In Email Marketing-Does it Increase Revenues 40%?

The ROI of Video In Email Marketing
Thanks to David Daniels at the Relevancy Group for this information.

I am thinking these days about my response to email, and I seldom open it. I have subscribed over the years to almost every interent marketing get-rich-quick-guru that has ever had an email list, and there are still a couple whose emails I open, and read at least part of the way through.

However I do take note of the title of the email, to see how they are packaging their ideas, to see how enticing the title is.

If you are like me then, emails to me are a waste of time, and if they contain a link to a youtube video, I seldom see the link, so the information in the Relevancy Group article, information that says, for example;

Increased click-through rates: Fifty-five percent of marketers report increased click-through
rates in emails sent with video as compared to emails without video

Increased engagement: Forty-four of marketers report that consumers spend more time viewing
emails that contain video versus emails without video

Increased advocacy and sharing: Forty-one percent state that their emails with video were
shared and forwarded more than those emails without video

Increased conversion and dollars: Up to twenty-five percent of marketers report increases in
conversion, dollars generated, average order value, and ad sales for email marketing messages
with videos.

That kind of information just makes my jaw drop open, and the Relevancy Group study dropped into my lap at the same time a friend introduced me to a tool that allows me to record a video and include it in an email. In fact, I can include mobile short codes and keywords as well, as well as use sophisticated templates, and build drip campaigns.

I have been playing with the Imobile Innovations
video email tool for the last three weeks, mostly sending video emails to folks who have invited me to connect with them on Linkedin.

The idea is to create a little bit of a memorable experience for them, so they remember the Start Up Social Media guy a bit longer, as well as to say thanks. The Imobile Innovations back office provides me some good statistics about open rates, and even how long folks watched, but I cannot give you an ROI because I am not offering anything for sale.

What this experience has allowed me to do though, is to hone my presentation, and to become aware of the need for a good camera and microphone. I am using an $8.00 Radio Shack video camera/recorder which is just fine for an informal thankyou video, I think, especially if I report that I am at home updating social media while my kids play in the background. In other words, I hint at the fact that this is informal, designed to say thanks, and look for more formal videos to come.

I find that I am getting more proficient at getting my message out on Linkedin, and at least last week, the number of views of my Linkedin profile doubled. I guess I do have some measurement of a sort.

Look for more posts updating you about my Imobile Innovations
soon, and thanks for your time.

Enchanting Your Small Business Email and Social Media Followers With Video Email!

Enchanting Your Small Business Email and Social Media Followers With Video Email!

Hey all you Start Up Social Media friends, followers, and connections, please take look at the video below, that I cooked up Saturday morning in my living room, which has gone out to my email list, and a bunch of social media accounts already. The video is embedded in an e-mail, and when folks see “Video Email” in the email title, the open rate increases by 55%, according to a Relevancy Group study. I am not given to a slick presentation or a slide show. I prefer to trust that my followers will appreciate the personality that they see in the e-mail, and I do not have a great deal of time for creating advertising anyway. For example, today we have Little League playoffs, perhaps a trip to the Rockford Airport to see a B-17 like the one their grandfather flew on, and a concert tonight that Hannah Marie and I will go to. Much prefer to spend my time with my children, and the Imobile Innovations tool box makes that quick creation and dissemination possible. What does it cost to get it to your computer fast? The partner fee is $99.00 and the monthly charge for the service is $35.00 at the low end. Click the Imobile Innovations banner in the right column to go to my business page. Hope your day is sunny and cool. Mike Logan
P.S. Just happened to check my Imobile Innovations stats and the video, which has been up less than an hour, has had two views.

The New Behavioral Health Marketing Process…What the Doc’s and Hospitals Are Doing…Are You On Board, Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist?

Are you a behavioral health person who has not ever paid much attention to marketing, and little attention to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Better start paying attention now, because your small group or solo practice could get left way outside the new health care system coming with the ACA.

The following quote, which I thought fascinating, comes from the Watch List News.

Dezelan agrees. “There has been an overreliance on mass marketing,” she says. “We at North Shore are lucky enough to have a CRM {Customer Relationship Management} we’ve established over the last 10 years.” She says that some of the same digital technology that is used to treat patients can be used for marketing messaging as well: Skype, for instance, a video conference technology with which some doctors conduct examinations. Though this channel, and other mobile, tablet-based, and Internet channels, healthcare professionals may not only begin to diagnose their patients; providers may also begin to market to them as well — all part of the systemic changes coming soon to American healthcare. – Rob Garber


If you are a small or solo group practice of counselors, social workers, psychologists, even psychiatrists, and you are not on board with social and mobile marketing, and the insurance companies are playing hard ball with capitation, ehr software, and moving you from fee for service to pay for performance, I think your practice is going to suffer, in some cases rather spectacularly.

The Watch List News goes on to describe the recasting of brands for hospitals. The focus will be on wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. Will Behavioral Health folks catch on before it is too late?

At the very least, social media and mobile media marketing has to begin and begin today. Many companies are formulating their strategies for insurance now, and you know the insurance companies have not given up their profit motive.

Do you want your social and mobile tools done for you? Imobile Innovations is a great suite of tools.