Local Online Social Media Participation Drives Offline Purchases, Even If That Participation is Home Made?

What small town social media or small business social media tool will you use today to increase online to offline referrals?  Blogs, Youtube, forums, Twitter, Facebook?  All of them?

John Jantsch describes it this way in his Duct Tape Marketing Blog-

“One of the primary themes I discovered and then wrote about in The Referral Engine was the fact that widely referred businesses are very good at fusing online and offline in a high tech, high touch sort of way.

As I continue to watch this phenomenon, I’m more convinced than ever that it’s one of the primary strategies that every local business needs to adopt as an intentional overarching marketing strategy. It’s not a matter of looking at the Internet and social tools with an eye on sales. It’s a matter of tuning your entire marketing process in a way that fits how offline buyers now make their decisions and grabbing that piece of business.”

When I read that information, I am relieved.  It means to me that my conversations on Facebook with local folks and my very informal Youtube videos and my quoting Mark Twain on Twitter,  and my participation at various other social networks, which is a combination of word play and mischief is OK.   I have been doing what Jantsch suggests just because it seemed to fit.  I do not need to do what Zappos or Amazon did or do.  To me it also means there is a real place for Blog Talk Radio, because it is high in touch,  I am working with someone locally who is sharing their expertise in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

Why would that fit with what Jantsch says?  While actual online sales are increasing,  many of your local customers still want to come to your shop and see the item they are thinking of purchasing.

However they do their research about the purchase online, and that is where I want to be, visible and available.    I want to be a neighbor whose commentary my local customers have become familiar with,  whose style they have become comfortable with, and a resource  local customers will access with less resistance.

So that is why I am going to talk with lots of local folks on Blog Talk Radio, perhaps even do some video interviews,  take part in local conversations, respond to local bloggers,  and media outlets so that folks are used to my bald pate, and when they are ready to build their Social Media Campaign, they will come see me because they have seen me build mine.  If you are interested in a Blog Talk Radio Show,  let me know please.  I have two channels,  and one of them will fit for you I am sure.  Mike

P.S. If you want to hear any of the interviews I have done, please click the Blog Talk Radio Button in the nav bar at the top of the page.  Thanks.

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