Is Imobile Innovations the Answer to Your Small Business Social and Mobile Strategies?

Is Imobile Innovations the Answer to Your Small Business Social and Mobile Strategies?

I am still amazed at how many of my fellow mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists, and coaches have little if anything other than a Facebook page going for them as far as social media goes, and fewer still have a mobile website.  In fact, in disussions I see on Linkedin, I see other therapists recommending free sites as a good alternative for a website, not understanding that it is difficult, in not impossible to get that free site anywhere near the top of Google search results, or near the top of local search results.

Some of my bretheren seem to be recognizing the changes coming with how the therapy business will be working after the Affordable Care Act really comes online and recognizing that they will need more cash paying customers, but even those folks are not recognizing the importance that social and mobile tools will play in getting their message out to the customers who will need their services.

50% of all searches are from a mobile device, and 95% of mobile searches are local searches,  and if you do not have a mobile friendly website, you will be invisible to those searches.

Even if you have done your own mobile website for example,  if it does not load fast, or is not visible clearly on a small screen like a cell phone screen, folks will quickly move on to a site that works on their device, forgetting yours.

So it makes sense that a service that provides fast results would be an alternative for your social and mobile needs if you are a small business person who has little time to devote to research or building, and I just happen to have a great alternative for you, called Imobile Innovations.

“Every business owner, independent contractor or network marketer needs to be in the mobile/social game to survive.”

It will not be too many more years before you P.C. will be relegated to the scrap heap, which means I will actually have to get way more proficient on my cell phone, and most online business will be done from a mobile device.

So for a counselor, what are the advantage of a mobile web page, and can a mobile page be done ethically?

The biggest advantage is that your mobile webpage will be visible to consumers, and professionals without a mobile webpage will be invisible
For example, how many times have you walked into your waiting room and found your next client deeply involved in a Youtube video while waiting, and then you had to wait for them to turn it off?

Speaking of Youtube, shouldn’t you have a Youtube channel?

Or a Pinterest account?

Good old social media, it just never seems to end, does it, so come back and check out Start Up Social Media for future posts, because you just may get a hint or two about what to do as The Affordable Care Act really starts to impact the therapy business.

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