I am Grateful to Be a Member of the Winnebago, Il. Chamber of Commerce

Winnebago Chamber of Commerce

Sometimes things move fast.  And please say hi to the new Secretary of the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce.   I say that with a bit of trepidation and a lot of excitement too.  A couple of weeks ago, I called the Winnebago Chamber of Commerce and spoke to Chris,  because I wanted to join.   My children both attend school in the Winnebago School district and we live near Winnebago and I am transitioning from a counseling business to an online business,  and I want to be part of a community, since my children are building friendships with their classmates, it seemed logical to find ways to be involved locally through the Chamber, so Chris said she would get us the paperwork,  and by the way,  would we be interested in supporting the fall sports program brochure,  and I gulped and said yes, and somehow the conversation moved to her retirement and there had been some resignations and she was retiring and I thought, again with some trepidation, gosh, I might be able to help out with that,  so I had lunch with Dr. Kory, the temporary president of the Chamber, and Kris,  and was invited to a Board meeting because there are some board rules and regulations that need to be attended to,  and I was voted in,  and as I introduced myself, I got a chance to talk about my passion for small businesses using social media to increase their reach and viability, and I was invited to talk about that at the September luncheon in one week,  and I am busy preparing my talk, and trying to keep myself focused.

I am finding myself quite excited to be involved in my small town social media and my small town Chamber.    However, I am replacing a very key player in the Chamber who has been at this for 14 years.  She knows everything,  so I had better get in her shadow and follow her around so that I can learn all I can before she moves to Las Vegas for her retirement.

See you all tomorrow with more news and experiences as a small town chamber member.  Mike

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